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In Montpeculiar has moved

Hollar calls for new board to approve non-profit funding

Montpelier's three-day forecast calls for rain

Montpelier's newest Thai restaurant is open

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Cinco de Mayo Montbeerlier Festival this Saturday

Parkside swindler to be sentenced on May 30 in Brattleboro

Solons seek part-time athletic director

Actors wanted at Goddard tomorrow at noon for Occupy video

The Men's Store is closed

Montpelier High School's new principal

Montpelier’s first cash mob Saturday

Streets, retaining walls, culverts and bridges on the project list this year

Montpelier High School in lockdown after receiving two phony threats

Historic East Montpelier barn burns to the ground

Montbeerlier Cask Festival band announced

Montpelier This Week: Library hiring, district energy, poetry and owls

No Art Walk this month

The next MHS principal search is down to two finalists

Montbeerlier Festival 2012

Kale v. Chicken

Fracking Vermont

Fire at Morse Farm but maple creemees are safe

Three Penny Taproom is getting bigger

District energy and fracking Vermont

The dude did it

Friday cheers

School board wants more information from superintendent

City puts pedestrian bridge replacement project out to bid

Miller Sports to close to make room for Three Penny expansion

School Board meeting tomorrow about policy governance

Muscles not Motors to launch on Monday

City Hall working "furiously" on the district energy project

Green Mountain Film Festival starts now

Occupy movement looks for what’s next

Official town meeting day results

Sen. Sanders coming to Montpelier to talk about the "dental crisis"

Clean Slate Cafe, the old Thrush Tavern, opens today

A new mayor and city councilor, now what?

Voters shoot down local option taxes, elect Odum, Guerlain and Hollar

Voter turnout in Montpelier up from last year

First Wednesday at the library with author Chris Bohjalian

Odum says he'll cut 3 percent from the City Clerk budget if elected

City to ask Montpelier voters for $870,000 bond for capital projects

Water leak on Dairy Lane

Marinelli says he has ingredients to be clerk

District energy project holds up repaving State Street

"Winter" to premiere at the Savoy March 15 featuring Sarah Burke

Montpelier Public School fiscal year 2013 budget available here

A Q&A with John Hollar at the Savoy

Bo wants to make a documentary

Montpelier annual report available here

Mayoral candidate John Hollar at the Savoy Tuesday

District energy project comes in $937,000 over budget

Analysis: Local option taxes are about who pays

Weekend forecast: Snow?

Charlotte Hoyt retiring after 39 years with the city

Q&A with mayoral candidate John Hollar at the Savoy

Montpelier blogger John Odum running for city clerk

Who is that guy Michael Marinelli running for city clerk?

City shut off water on Liberty Street

Last City Council meeting ever

NECI on Main Cellar's Express Lunch today

Local option tax: Proponents look for fairness

Community forum on local option taxes Thursday at Capitol Plaza Hotel

Plan for the worst this Thursday

Businesses line up against local option tax ballot items

Capitol Grounds is part of the Montpelier experience

Candidate forum postponed until 8 p.m. tonight

Montpelier elections heating up with meeting at library on Saturday

Sen. Bernie Sanders on payroll tax cut and Social Security tax cut

Flooded twice, Kismet is still here

Montpelier High School gets top NECAP math grade in the state

School Board votes in favor of keeping Recreation Department under their control

ATF offering $5,000 reward for info on gas station armed robber

Dave Keller to perform at Montpelier High School

Vermont State Police report shows little evidence of racial profiling among troopers

New Thai restaurant coming to town

Hunger Mountain Coop's 10-year plan

City Hall electric vehicle charging station is operational and free

Agenda for tomorrow's School Board meeting

Valentine Phantom strikes again

Pre-natal yoga tonight at 5:30

Montpelier This Week: Movies, music, politics and birding

After battle with Jeff Jacobs, Mad Taco is open

Mad Taco opening tomorrow

Two contested races, but no mayoral contest in Montpelier

Art Walk exhibitors see dead people in their viewfinders

Mother and son bowling this Saturday

Father and daughter Valentine's dance tonight

Kellogg-Hubbard library directors step down

Your weekend forecast

Swimming pool passes could be going up

Another Thai restaurant in Montpelier?

Reporter who took down a general to be at Bear Pond Books Tuesday

Mad Taco opening next week

Now it's a contest for City Clerk

Birchgrove Bakery is back with a new look

Burst pipes lead to Salaam makeover

Warmer weather to bring rain and sleet tonight and tomorrow