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November 16, 2008


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Bobby John in Western Ma

DNA confirmed Mt Lion scat was recovered in the quabbin reservoir area a few years ago. It is hard to believe the eye witnesses are all wrong or there are that many "pet" lions running loose.
Which is the next thing a government bureaucrat will tell the public. "Yes you did see a Mt Lion but it was an escaped pet"

Darren Marcy

It's too easy to say never. Biologists are scientist who demand proof. I have no problem with that.

I spent a great deal amount of time researching grizzly bears in south-central Colorado, and people who believe there may still be a remnent population of grizzlies in extremely remove sections of wilderness there. Everybody said the grizzly was extirpated from Colorado in the 1950s, only to have a hunter attacked by a confirmed grizzly in 1979. It was a sow, who had nursed cubs.

Just like lions in the east, however, no scientific proof has been found despite tons and tons of circumstantial evidence.

Are there a few lions roaming the hills of New England? Officials say no.

But as pointed out by Bobby John, there are just too many sightings to wave away the possibility that mountain lions may be moving back into some of their historical range in the East even if it is a very different landscape than when they last lived in these parts.

It will require proof, more DNA evidence, confirmed sightings by trained biologists, tracks, etc., to show the big cats may be back in the East.

James Fisk

Yes there are mountain lions in VT as my wife stepped outside on Sunday to let the dogs (our two yorkies)do their stuff, she saw just 50 ft away in the ledges that are our backdrop, a huge cat. We have seen bobcats, bears, foxes, coyotes, deer and turkeys up here on Baxter Mtn and this was none of those. Doing some research on the internet it was definitely a mtn lion. Had she called me outside with the news I might have gotten a pix but I didn't rush (reading the Sunday paper) as I didn't know it was urgent!! Now I kick myself. We own a Cstore in town and now have heard from other residents of sightings, and some disbelievers. I am planning on getting a wildlife camera just in case!

Fred D'Aquila

On the evening of June 1st 09 at 11:00PM our cocker spanial ran to the rear sliding door barking his head off. When I looked out into the back yard I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was the largest gray cat that I had ever seen three or four times larger than I have ever seen. It had a round face eight to ten inches and a tail at least three feet long Canton Connecticut

Sally T

At around 6 AM in the spring of 1986, I was traveling south on Route 89 near Randolph, VT. I noticed something running in the wooded median between the southbound and northbound lanes. I slowed down and watched a very large cat run at an amazing speed for a few seconds before it veered into the deeper woods. I have seen fisher cats in Vermont before, and this cat was not a fisher. I estimate the speed of the cat was around 30 mph. I will never forget this.

Mike Fitzpatrick

I had a mountain lion cross in front of my car last summer just west of Winsted Ct. (No it wasn't a bobcat). When my son told his coworkers in Avon Ct. about it they basicly said "so what". People down that way have seen them before. Another friend said she saw one in Otis Mass, just north of Winsted. Same one maybe???


By the way mountain lions have rounded ears.


Wells Road, Cheshire, Massachusetts at 7am - a mountain lion crossed the road in front of my car on the way to work. It moved in a low stalking posture, at a hurried gait, but not running. Long tail, round head, tawny color - but what struck me the most was its rippling abdominal muscles and the size of its paws. A guy who lives nearby later told be that he has seen large cat tracks in the area.

Jeff gregory MASS

Dear readers
Almost 2 years ago now in the beginning of June 2008. I encountered what my girlfriend and I believed to have been a mountain lion in the back roads of Lancaster,Ma. There are several different reasons backing up our remarkable find. For starters we were driving down a back road while working B2b sales looking for new business when in the distance of 25-30 yards ahead on the road an animal emerged from the woods. The first thing that ran through my mind was "what the heck was that?" and "that is def bigger than my dog ."which is a 70 pound boxer.The animal had a particular walk/gallop comparable to the way a horse gallops. So sitting in the passenger seat I asked me girlfriend to speed up. As we did the mountain lion has crossed the road and was standing on the edge of the woods in someones side yard. Now just for a matter or maybe 5-7 secs the mountain lion stood there looked back at the car, at this point we were under 15 feet away from the animal and leaped into the woods and disappeared. My first instint at the time was to say that it was a bobcat, knowing that there was confirmation of the bobcat in massachusetts so we called into the lancaster police to make them aware of the sighting. But when I got home and did some research i found out quite a few reasons which led me to believe that it was indeed a mountain lion and not the bobcat. After seeing the animal i documented a few keys facts 1. The animal was much lager than my dog of 70lbs. 2. it had a very long and thick tail atleast 2 to 3 feets long and it had huge paws. After researching the bobcat originally i found out that the bobcat is only 35-70 lbs and had a very small tail of 6 inchs on average and a overall small build. Also in 2004 as you have previously reported there has been quite a few sightings in the town of Acton which is only a few towns away from lancaster and is connected through the forrest. Since the sighting I have told many people of that day and figured it would be a good piece of information to make you and youre readers aware of. please respond back when any information you have regarding the subject.

Paul Gargan

In mid June of this summer I was on my way to Boston from Methuen, MA where I live when I took the corner on RT 213 to get onto 93 and got quite a surprise. It was a mountain lion and it stared me dead on before it crossed the road. I called the local police to notify them as this is a residential area, they just assumed I had been drinking and thought I saw a mountain lion. Well first off I do not drink at all and I think I know what it was and was reassured when I got on a computer and looked at more pictures.

There are far to many sightings in the region for this to be ignored and they should be concerned for the safety of family pets as well as young kids playing near by the areas in which they are spotted.


On Friday the 1st of October this year I was dropping my son off at his school ( a little late) and had pulled my car over to the side of the parking lot to make a phone call (blue tooth was at home). I saw what I knew was a mountain lion cross the school parking lot close to the exit and go over the hills and into the forest (small town, surronded by woods). I have seen mountain lions in zoos more times than I can count as it is my sons favoriate and he likes to stay and watch them. I called DEP and they tried to convince me it was a bobcat or perhaps a 'coyate'. I didn't get a photo as it happened so fast and I only got a view from the side and not a clear look at its face but it was very large, muscular and totally brown with huge legs and paws. No offical would believe me and that more than anything scares me. Where it passed was only feet from the pre-school playground.
New London county, Connecticut.

Joe Gaerner

Sunday September,5 2010 I work at Essex Alliance Chuch in Vermont ,I was talking with some people there when I was looking out the double glass doors an saw a large brownish/tan color animal across the field,it was jumping over the golden rod back and forth into the open field.So i was curious and started doun the driveway to our red house was next to the field is not knowing what i was looking for.So then i saw it i looked at it was not a Coyote ,i kept looking at it and was staring at me too...and his face was a cougar seeing white around his mouth,with black above,it put a chill douwn my back what a awesome animal it was,as i got closer to the cat it took off then i saw it again when it stood up on all fours it was the size of a black lab dog...And this cat did have a lond tail too.....I also did contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife.

Harvey Smith

This summer my wife and I saw a mountain lion at Dean Pond in the Brimfield Mass State Forest. It came out of some rushes at the edge of a beaver pond. This mountain lion was about mid size.
The body and the tail were each about 30" long. When I got home I looked up mountain lions and "bingo" the color and features
were an exact match. We were both brought up on farms with animals and we saw a mountain lion!


On or around. November 5,2010 a mountain lion was seen crossing Main Street near Rice Fruit Farm at 5pm




It was a well known fact in the 1960s that there were a few mountain lions in the Otis, MA area. They had attacked cattle in the nearby areas. The surprise here is that they have never been acknowledged. I saw one myself cross a road in the 1960's and it clearly was not a bobcat. It was huge, and had the long tail, and distinctive face. They move completely different than bobcats. This thing crossed the road in one big leap. Now they are being seen again there and in nearby towns, no surprise to me.


I and my wife saw a mountain lion cross right in front of our car last night 1/17/11 on Bay RD in Hadley MA.This cat was about 60 to 70 lbs with a very long tail. This was clearly a very large cat!!


i was just argueeing the other day with friends about me seeing a mountain lion years ago in peabody mass. this was 12 years ago in cedar groove cemitary before they built the golf course that is there now. i remember it like yesterday. it use to be all woods there and i know i saw one. it was in a distance. and a huge cat! it was not a bob cat! if u look at a cat in the distance it would be smaller looking. this cat was huge. had to have been 7 feet long! all muscle and pointed ears. i never seen a bobcat or a mountain lion so i looked at a picture of the bob cat first and knew it was not a bob cat cuz the size and how its fur was on it's face. i looked at a mountain lion picture and knew thats what it was i saw! mind you this was back in 1999 but i know what i saw and luckily i was far enough to get out of the woods.

Catherine Kiernan

Just saw a young mountain lion in our backyard in Sterling, MA stalking a wild turkey, so cool. And that was NO bobcat. It had a LION face!!


Today saw what can only be described as a huge black cat, long body and tail that curled like a cat on a prowl. Tried to double back to confirm and was left in awe and wonder...a panther? Much thinner than the ones we looked up on google. Hope it gets food for self-care! Looks pretty scrawny. Called it in to Millvilie,Ma police. Saw huge cat turning onto 146 near the McDonalds. @12pm. 11/24/11.


I have seen two mountain lions on separate occasions in Lunenburg, MA. The first was sometime around 1999, where my mother and I saw a large, golden cat with a long tail walking in the woods (in the middle of a hot summer day) on Northfield Road.

The second viewing was in early 2009 near lake Whalom on Prospect Street. It was late at night and a huge, low to the ground cat with a huge, long tail crossed the road. I am definitely convinced that these were mountain lions, and definitely not bob cats.

Diane Crane

As a hiker, i feel that people who use our woodlands need to know what is around in the way of wildlife. Awareness is good, and you can't hide what has become fact (apparently) indefinitely. Give the outdoor-loving public credit for more intelligence!


Only saw one once myself, and that was 15 years ago in Westfield, MA. Long, low body and long tail, tan. I walked through the area an hour later and found just a couple tracks; large with NO nail prints.


In Goshen MA again, at DAR state forest, prints were found and casted, and a deer carcass was found in a tree, another classic Cougar behaviour. Bobcats arent big enough to drag a carcass into a tree.


I saw a mountain lion crossing Rt 41 in Sheffield MA right around sunrise a few years back. No mistaking it for something else. It had a long tail short hair a shaped just like a cat. Last year a couple on their way to our club's annual event in Cummington, MA, saw a mountain lion in neighboring Windsor while traveling down a little used gravel road(courtesy of their GPS). I have talked to others who have seen them as well.

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