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April 18, 2011


Brian Mcclintock@ Vermont Hum

We have been predicting this for light years. Here's a recent post from the Hum.
(By the way, love the Entergy ad on this page as I'm writing this)

We bet Nosty will predict correctly. Here's what will most likely happen.

1. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will give thumbs up to E-LA/VY, 'cuz that's what they do with nuke plants ready for relicensure - 63 times in a row, to be exact.
2. The feds will then step out of the way, letting Peter (Shumdog Millionaire) Shumlin, the Vermont Legislature, and E-LA duke it out, probably in court.
Even if Vermont wins litigation, it will have taken years and during that time E-LA will have produced and sold mucho power, because they have the license, willing purchasers, and millions of bucks for more than one appeal. One official even predicts that the legal process will take up to half of time of the renewed license period.
If Vermont loses, there's an appeal, and E-LA cruises to victory, making good revenue and avoiding protesters, living in LA. Louisiana, that is.
3. Shumdog Millionaire comes out of this smelling sweet, for he fought the good fight, energizing the base, against Entergy Louisiana, probably knowing how it would play out.

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