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Ms. Peters:

Given your fairly junior tenure on the reportorial staff of the Rutland Herald, what previous experience and qualifications(both educational and professional) allow you to seemingly enjoy a more visible, provocative and outspoken role than other more senior members of the Rutland Herald editorial staff?

The reason for the question, is, I hope obvious.


The reason I asked the question arise from concern about your relatively short tenure at the Rutland Herald. I assume you are not a Rutland kid and have only been in the area since the beginning of your employment with the Herald.

Given your "newness" and the political culture in Rutland, I am concerned that you not get "played" by local politicos and have the resources and support of your bosses at the Herald.

Your new blogging responsiblity and weekly column give you enormous influence in Rutland. It is an important initiative for the Herald and again, your success will require the full support of your bosses and fellow reporters at the Herald.

I wish you success.


Thanks for your comments, and sorry for the delayed response. I would answer the questions in your first post but I see Randal already tackled that over on his side.

He's fairly correct in his description of my experience. I would just clarify that I worked at the Boston Globe, including a stint at Boston.com, for about two years in total. Also, the Herald marks my fourth newsroom.

And, if you have some time and would like to do a little reading I'd point you to one of the larger projects I've worked on: http://tinyurl.com/cvun75

Back to your main point though. I'm always aware of the possibility that sources think they can get away with being less than truthful. I guess all I can assure you is I'm confident in my ability to detect it.

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