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Want some cookies with your warm milk, Grumper?

Just read your Reporter's Notebook. First of all, is Mr. Pemrick actually suggesting that we put members of the community in a building without a sprinkler system (never mind all of the structural deficiencies that have been there since I was in elementary school in the 1980's)? Wow, that's quite a platform for his new aldermanic campaign: "Who cares what the safety commissioner says? If the building's still standing, let's send the community into it and save money?!?!?"
Secondly, I was in Utah for the past week and had the opportunity yesterday to go with some friends to their city's recreation center. After spending $3.50 to get in, I walked through a building that housed "Community Meeting Rooms," a fitness center, and multi-purpose exercise rooms, and that was only on the first floor. I then went outside to a huge pool where literally hundreds of people were comfortably swimming, diving or sunning themselves on the lawn surrounding the pool. My husband and I looked at each other and sighed. Oh, to live in a community where people care more about the people of the city than they do about about blame and drama.

Jennie, maybe you should attend the meetings and then you would understand my question. When did the State Fire Inspector suggest to close this build because of unsafe conditions???? Must be breaking news Gordon.

Dana is not in any worse condition than it was 10 years ago, why shut it down so quickly. Does the Mayor have the authority to do this w/o the Board's consent? Why didn't the Recreation Committee have any input? Why throw out the Tenants so quickly? Most landlords need to give atleast 30 days notice. We all need to work together, but I guess we are more concerned with tearing people down. That's a great platform for this community...

I've been working on designs ideas, alternative funding, sustainable energy ideas, visiting other recreational centers throughout the area. I'm not just a "naysayer", but trying to find an alternative solution.

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